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By CoachBo | In WOD | on June 11, 2016

Warmup: ROM, dynamic stretches, Review rope climbing technique

30 seconds of jumping jacks, high knees and butt kicks. 15 Pull ups, 5 push ups, 10 Squats


1 mile run to Shelly’s

then 5 Rounds
1 Rope Climb*
10 Push Ups
20 Squats

1 mile run back

Cooldown: Roll out and stretch

*I found this description for you to study before class. CrossFit Bartlett describes how the S-wrap works:

Climbing the rope is about being able to do some sort of knees to elbows, and standing up. If you can raise your legs more than I’d say two inches you can climb. The true key to this is all about how you wrap your leg around the rope.

The first wrap is called the S-wrap, or at least that’s what I call it.

Step 1: Determine what foot you are going to wrap. Usually you will wrap the foot that you step out front of you during the jerk. If you don’t know what foot you jerk with, do a walking lunge right now. The foot you stepped out with is probably your dominant foot.

Step 2: Take the rope and feed inside your dominant thigh. At this point the rope will just be between your legs.

Step 3: From here wrap it around your dominant leg so that is laying on the top of your dominant foot.

Step 4: Step on it. You are now locked in.

As long as you keep one foot on the other you are not going anywhere.

Now the S-wrap is incredibly secure but you may not feel comfortable climbing all the way to the top right away. That’s ok. There is an easy way to practice.

Start off by reaching as high, on your tip toes. Then hang and find your lock. This will enable you to feel what it is like to be off the ground without being unsafe.

Once you are comfortable with that, reach high [again], but this time bring your knees to your elbows and find your lock. From there stand up. You are now officially climbing the rope.

From there reach high, and this next part is very important: Let go of your lock, bring your knees to your elbows, and find your lock again.

To descend, lock your feet in as you did when going up, sit down on your heels, and walk your hands down the rope.

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